Who We Are


Founded in 2009  by Tushita Travels, for more than 30 years now one of the key actors of the development of the tourism in India, the Tushita Foundation is a trust intended to promote a betterment in the living conditions of the less fortunate in the country.


The project’s inception has its roots in the realisation of the widening gap between the have and the have-nots in India, when we decided to contribute with our knowledge, energy and resources in trying to improve the situation, in our small way.


Tushita is a home of learning and empowerment in Amber, a village chosen because most foreign tourists visit its impressive fort during their India holidays. Being there daily allows us to interact with the population and advance their living conditions. It is our belief that given proper education and opportunities, everyone can have the chance at succeeding in such a developing country.


We aim to spread self-respect and confidence in the context of universal human values, irrespective of caste or creed. Because there cannot be harmonious growth if too many people are left behind, in a small, connected world, we hope to make a difference.