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The Tushita Foundation is a home of learning and empowerment, a happy place where attention is placed on every aspect of the children’s well-being and development. A lot of thinking has gone into choosing the projects that needed to be given priority and on which to concentrate our efforts. You will find below a list of current projects that we are focusing our attention and resources on.

If our work inspires you and you want to support it with your time, ideas or resources, please contact us at: 


Sports Equipment

The Tushita Foundation has purchased an empty lot in front of the school and has converted it into a spacious playground where the children enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.

In the playground, we intentionally decided not to put any sophisticated equipment to allow for freedom and creativity. We are firmly convinced of the importance of physical activities for the overall development of the children.

You may wish to support the maintenance and renewal our sport equipment like badminton rackets, cricket’s accessories, etc.


Over the years we have created and implemented a small library. Our children are taking books home and write reviews for their friends. We have also started a Book Club that involves not only the children, but also their mothers.

In order to keep this project alive, we need to acquire more books and a software to track the movement of the books within the community.

If you are a librarian and can share your knowledge, or if you have books to offer, your support will help us spread the love of reading.


At the Tushita Foundation, we welcome children from different religious and economic backgrounds. They all grow and study together, learning to appreciate each other without prejudice. Looking alike fosters a sense of togetherness and belonging, and our children’s mothers are particularly attached to the Tushita Foundation’s uniforms.

We welcome your support to provide a set of uniform consisting of cotton shirt and trousers, traditionally called kurta pijamas, a pullover, a scarf and footwear, for one child.


Water Purifier

At the Tushita Foundation, we consider that accessibility to clean drinking water is a basic necessity, a right and not a privilege. By educating the children on the importance of the quality of water, we aim to reduce the incidence of water related diseases and therefore school absenteeism.
We currently have the budget to install water purifiers in our students’ homes but we don’t want to discriminate between the families who send their children to the Tushita Foundation and the ones who don’t. We would like to progressively equip all households in the village.

Help us bring clear water to the entire village of Amber.

School Supplies

At the Tushita Foundation every student is given a canvas bag with the necessary school supplies. To encourage the development of the children’s sense of self, we have developed a project called “The Book of Me” where children express their creativity by writing about their history, their feelings and their objectives for the future in a personal album.

You can help us provide beautiful albums and more school supplies for our children. It will give them the tools to express themselves and their creativity.

Fresh Fruit

Emerging countries like India are the perfect targets for consumer food producers to plan new market expansions. As this trend grows, Indian children risk becoming consumers of junk food.

The Tushita Foundation has always strived to teach good living skills and healthy habits to our students. From the beginning, we provided fresh fruit every day as a snack for all the children and staff members.

Support good eating habits and help us provide fresh fruit for all, one of the most emblematic habits of the Tushita community.


Healthcare Camps

In partnership with “Save the Children” we organize a bi-annual health camp to give free check-ups to our students and their family members who can benefit of this opportunity. We don’t provide any medication or treatment but make sure that children are healthy and are growing well according to their age. When an illness is diagnosed, we contact the parents in order to make sure that the issue will be taken care of.

If you are a doctor, a nurse or have a background related to health care, you can participate to one of our health camps, a very special event where all children with their family members are invited to come on a Saturday to be checked by doctors or to talk with them about personal issues.

If you want to learn more about how to support the health camps, feel free to reach out to us.


In 2014, we acquired 6 computers and started teaching basic computer skills during regular classes. In order to go on to the next step, we need to have a computer for each child in a class and teach computer literacy regularly without any child being left out.

With your support, we might acquire additional computers.

Field Trip

Over the years, we have taken our children on amazing excursions: they have seen the Taj Mahal, climbed the steep road to the Amber Fort with guides to teach them about it, sat on a rickshaw in the Koladeo Park at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, and visited the biggest step well in India at Abhaneri.

Join us and help us give our students and teachers the pleasure to discover the beauty of their region, Rajasthan.



Support our Staff

To facilitate communication between the village and the Tushita Foundation, we have chosen several young women from Amber as teachers. Empowered by such a position, these young women have become an important agent of evolution in their society.

Support our local teachers and ensure their position within the community that is key for their empowerment.

Support our Volunteers

The best way we have found to expose our students to a very high level of English is to work with foreign volunteers who spend 2 to 10 months at the Tushita Foundation to teach English through a subject they are passionate about. Together with our local teachers, they develop and implement creative projects on Art, Geography, History, Theater, Music, Environmental Awareness, Health Care, Nutrition and more.
Since the volunteers are providing such valuable help, we cover all expenses related to their stay at the Tushita Foundation, including housing in the Civil Lines neighborhood of Jaipur, food and transportation to and from Amber.

Support our efforts to attract seriously motivated volunteers and treat them well, as we have always done considering the unique opportunity they offer to our community to progressively become fluent in English.



Home Enlargement

We currently welcome 200 children, and due to lack of space, we give classes in the hallway, and on an open terrace where we struggle to keep pigeons and monkeys away. Moreover, as our reputation has grown with time, in April 2017 we have received 200 new applications for admission. Unfortunately, we could only admit 70 new students while our dream is to welcome every child who wants to join.
The Tushita Foundation is therefore looking to relocate to a bigger facility and create more classrooms in order to offer the students a better learning experience. If we had more space, we could also host the volunteers in Amber, avoiding their daily commute.

Your support can help us make our dream come true, and make space for everyone in the home of learning and empowerment.


University Tuition

Attending the Tushita Foundation opens doors for children to pursue further studies. Wishing to reward the motivation, perseverance and achievements of some of our students, the Tushita Foundation would like to offer a scholarship to two among our best students who couldn’t go to university without it.

You can choose to sponsor one of our brightest students who will be able to continue their studies thanks to your support. This will definitely make a difference!



Please contact us if you wish to learn more about the Tushita Foundation projects and to support us in any way.


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